21-Year Old Del Mar Student Signs Up for Mars One Mission

A young woman living in Corpus Christi and attending Del Mar College has signed up to be a part of the first mission to Mars -- a one-way trip.

A private company is planning to undertake the mission nine-10 years from now.

"When I tell people that I'm going to Mars, a lot of their reaction is, 'Oh, that's nice,'" Shirelle Webb said.

Webb is a 21-year old Del Mar Student who recently made the cut to be on the Mars One mission. 200,000 people had applied for the one-way trip, and now, she's one of just over 1,000 people still in the running to become part of the four-person crew. They're scheduled to blast off in 2023.

"How can you pass up an opportunity for greatness like this?" Webb said. "It's so amazing. I'd give anything."

A Dutch company came up with the $6 billion project to colonize Mars. If selected, Webb will spend the rest of her life living and working on that planet.

"We will select the people and we will tell those people the risks. They will understand the risks, and they will have to weigh the risks,'" Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp said. "'Do I want to take these risks to make my dream come true or not?' It's up to the people going to determine if it's worth it for them."

"I am extremely excited, and it's my passion," Webb said. "I want to do this more than anything that I've ever wanted before, and I know there are sacrifices that have to be made, but it's worth it to me, to go to Mars; be one of the first colonists."

In the meantime, Webb said she is hoping to become either a doctor or microbiologist. She wants to make sure that she will be a valuable member of Mars One -- a mission which is also designed to populate the planet.

"Maybe to have the first Martian baby would be nice," Webb said.

Webb said she is going to miss her family, but it's something she wants to do. If she is picked, she will have to undergo seven years of training -- work that she is more than willing to do to reach her goal of becoming a Martian.


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