Accident Leaves 15-Year Old Pedestrian in Critical Condition

A 15-year old boy is in the hospital after he was struck by a car early Monday morning. A witness said everything happened so quickly, there was nothing the driver could do.

The accident happened just before 8 a.m. on the 2600 block of Ruth Street.

"He was just crossing the street," said a witness. "I guess he jumped in front of her. We can't see anything with that sun."

Police said the driver of a sport utility vehicle had just dropped off her kids and was on her way home when it happened. The 15-year-old boy, Brian Bedford, was on his way to his friend's house. Bedford stepped onto the road and was hit by the SUV, which was traveling east on Ruth Street.

Witnesses at the scene said the driver immediately got out and tried to help the teen.

"The lady that hit him, she was going hysterical," a witness said. "She was scared for him. She tried also to get him to talk and tell us his name."

When police arrived, the teen was unresponsive. They immediately administered CPR and brought him back to life. On the way to the hospital, medics had to shock him three times to bring him back.

Witnesses said there was nothing that the driver could have done. It was an accident, and the fact that the sun was hitting the driver's face didn't help.

"I was trying to help him come to," said Loretta Davila. "We are going to school, don't forget about your girlfriend. I guess he has a girlfriend because he tried to breath. It was really hard seeing him and seeing blood everywhere."

Police said the teen did not cross the street at the marked cross walk, and the driver did not receive a citation. The accident was not in the school zone.

The teen remains at Spohn Memorial in critical condition. Miller High School will have counselors at school on Tuesday for any teen that needs them.


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