Affidavit Details Son's Admission to Brutally Murdering His Mother

The teen arrested for the murder of his mother, 50-year old Kimberly Hill, made his first appearance in the 214th District Court Friday morning.

It was just after 10 a.m. Thursday when police discovered Hills body at the Windrush Apartments in the 4300 block of Kostoryz Road. Her son, 18-year old Kevin Davis was arrested for her murder, and on Friday, Judge Jose Longoria appointed him an attorney and set his bond at $2 million.

3News has acquired an affidavit detailing the events that led up to Davis' arrest. Some of the following details may not be suitable for all readers.

According to the affidavit, it was 10 a.m. Thursday when a woman called 911 to report that Davis had walked up to her house in the 3800 block of County Road 61 and told her husband that he had just killed his mother, who was later identified as Kimberly Hill, with a hammer. A Nueces County Sheriff's deputy went to the home and made contact with Davis, who admitted to the deputy that he killed his mother with a hammer at her apartment.

Davis was detained and Corpus Christi police officers were dispatched to the Windrush Apartments to check on Hill. The affidavit says that, when the officers arrived, they found the front door of the apartment locked, so they acquired a key from maintenance personnel. Once inside the apartment, they found Hill's nude body in one of the bedrooms with a bloody hammer laying on the carpet beside her.

In the affidavit, a Corpus Christi Police Department detective states that Hill appeared to have been fatally struck in the back of the head with a hammer. Detectives also reported that they found notes from Davis inside of the apartment, one of which detailed plans to kill his mother and sister. Davis' clothes and shoes were also found in the bathroom inside Hill's bedroom.

Davis was transported to the Criminal Investigation Division at the CCPD headquarters, where he was interviewed by detectives. According to the affidavit, Davis confessed to killing his mother, Kimberly Hill, with a hammer between 7-9 p.m. Wednesday. He also said that he strangled her with a power cord, struck her in the head with a hammer and also stabbed her in the head with a knife.

During the interview, the affidavit also states that Davis told detectives he had planned on killing his sister, but she did not come home. He also said that he "still had the urge to kill."

Davis was arrested and transported to the City Detention Center following his interview with detectives.

The Robstown couple who first called 911 when Davis arrived at their door were sitting down and watching TV when he showed up. Their door was open -- they had just let the dog out -- and that's when their doorbell rang.

"A young guy was there, wanting to know if we'd call 911 because he committed a murder," Timothy Johnson said. "So we called the cops."

Johnson's wife immediately called the police while he stepped outside to talk to the young man, hoping to get to the bottom of things. Johnson didn't think it was for real, but after talking to Davis for a few minutes, he learned that Davis was telling the truth.

Johnson said Davis told him he had killed his mother, and that he got away by riding his bike on the train tracks off of Highway 44, leading to Robstown. He ditched his bike and walked the rest of the night.

Eventually, Davis was tired of running, and decided to turn himself in. So approached the first home with an open door.

"When I asked him 'who did you kill?', he said his mother," Johnson said. "I said how did you kill her. 'With a hammer. I beat her to death.' I said why did you do it. 'Lots of reasons.' That's all he would say. Never told me nothing else."

Johnson's wife is still pretty shaken up from their run in with Davis, but Johnson said he is grateful that he was at home with her when it happened. Normally, he would be at work, but he had decided to take the day off Thursday.

He said he doesn't even want to think of what could have happened if he wasn't home that morning.


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