Affidavit Narrative: Kidnapping Involved Sexual Assault

New information has come to light regarding the disturbing kidnapping of an 11-year old girl last Thursday.

It happened in a quiet southside neighborhood as the victim's 13-year old brother looked on. Eric Dimick, 17, Jacob Musich, 18, and Colton Visor, 18, are accused of kidnapping the 11-year old girl while she rode her bike on the 7000 block of Braesvalley on Dec. 27.

The three teen suspects are currently in the Nueces County Jail, each on a $1 million bond. They are accused of aggravated kidnapping, but now that new information has come out, they could be facing additional charges of aggravated sexual assault.

According the Corpus Christi Police Department's affidavit-complaint, the victim in the kidnapping said that one of the teen suspects poured a gel or liquid lubricant between her legs. The child also told investigators that she was raped, and that it was painful.

Also in the affidavit was an incriminating witness statement from the neighbor of one of the suspects. That statement says that Eric Dimick went to the neighbor's home and told him that he had been the one who kidnapped the 11-year old, and named his two co-defendants.

The witness added that they were in Musich's Chevy Suburban, and that Visor was also with them, and said that the trio discussed "raping the victim."

District Attorney Mark Skurka said that the case is being reviewed and will be presented to the grand jury as soon as it is complete.

The three suspects have been separated from the general population for their protection. Their next court hearing is on Wednesday, when their defense attorney's will try to get each of their $1 million bonds reduced.


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