Aggravated Robbery Victim Dies in Hospital

Two men are behind bars Friday night, and one is still on the loose after they allegedly beat up a man to take his money, killing him in the process.

The trio could face serious charges, even murder.

It was around 9 p.m. Monday when police were called out to Spohn Shoreline. The victim, 59-year old Edward Perez, had been hit with an object a few days earlier.

According to police, Perez may have ben knocked unconscious on Aug. 2 after some individuals struck Perez with an object. The suspects searched his body, took his money and left.

Police were told that this all happened because the victim's roommate owed money to some people who had come to collect. They had received a call on Aug. 2 back at the victim's home, on the 4100 block of Shaw, for an assault. Perez had refused service.

But on Aug. 3, Perez was taken to the hospital. He was unconscious, sitting in a lawn chair. It was Aug. 6 when police were called out to the hospital to talk to the victim and another individual, but Perez was unresponsive.

Police began an aggravated robbery investigation after getting the story of what had happened back on Aug. 2, but Perez died on Tuesday at the hospital, and now their investigation has turned into a murder investigation.

Neighbors are scared that this happened in their neighborhood.

"We are just going to have to keep a lookout," neighbor Vicky Vallejo said. "Get a guard dog or something. I don't want anybody breaking into our house."

Police were able to obtain search warrants, and two suspects were arrested. 19-year old Gabriel Grande and 53-year old Alfonso Garcia. The third suspect has not been identified and the warrant is pending.

Police are waiting for the victim's autopsy results.

If the autopsy reveals that Perez died because of his injuries, the suspects' charges will change.


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