Alert Officer Thwarts Car Theft

A carjacker is in jail this morning after a wild confrontation with an off duty constable.

Deputy Preston Kinikin with Nueces County Constable Precinct 4 said, "I pulled up, off-duty, my wife and I and saw a subject walking through the parking lot acting kind of funny. And the next thing I know when I'm pulling up to get gas I hear tires screeching and apparently he attempted to steal a vehicle."

The officer was watching from the parking lot of the Stripes at Everhart and SPID.

Deputy Kinikin tells 3 News, as he rushed over to the scene of the crime he noticed one of the men extremely nervous.

He said, "the information just wasn't adding up and he kind of got figgity on me. As a law enforcement, you kind of know when somebody is kind of getting figgity when they're lying to you. I advised him not to run cause I could tell he's kind of getting the itch for it and sure enough he took off running. He tried to jump into another vehicle."

The deputy says he gave chase and caught up to the carjacker as he tried to get in a car that his girlfriend was driving.

But the officer caught him while the door was still open and managed to pull him out and hold him down on the ground until police arrived.


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