Alice Animal Control Officer Sprayed by Rattlesnake Venom

Some courageous Animal Control officers in the City of Alice came face to face with a venomous rattlesnake on Thursday.

The officers were called to a resident's home around noon when a woman found a rattlesnake in her backyard. During the process of catching the snake, venom was sprayed on one of the officers.

The officers that captured the snake showed the equipment they used to get the job done, including some snake tongs and a cage. They say the rattlesnake was about four feet long, and apparently had wandered into a resident's yard and was hovering around a bird feeder.

Ultimately, the snake was killed because it is venomous. Animal Control does release non-poisonous snakes back into the wild.

Alice Animal Control Officer Rose Mary Hawkins said she is not scared of snakes -- just don't bring her an anaconda, or something she cannot lift.


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