Alice Police Investigating Teen Fight Caught on Video

In Alice, two teenage girls, ages 15 and 17-years old, seen in an Internet video fighting have been arrested.

Chief of Police Andy Weems says since the video was uploaded they were able to identify the two girls. Both are facing several charges.

3News reporter Bill Churchwell analyzed the video and shows us how it appears parents are there, encouraging the girls to fight.

In the video you can see the two girls throwing punches, pulling hair, and rolling around on the ground in what appears to be an organized fight.

The clip is about four minutes long and was brought to our attention by residents in Alice. Also on tape is a group of youth and adults who are not only watching the two go at it but are cheering them on. In fact at one point, one of the mother of one of the girls steps in not to stop the fight, but to give the girls a break and fix their hair.

As soon as the video went viral, it got lots of attention. Including that of the Alice Police Department.

"I like to think its parents and kids who could have made better choices and we will get to the bottom of that," says Alice Police Chief Randy Weems.

Chief Weems says he has seen the video and tells us his department has identified the people seen in the girl fight video.

At this point the chief does not believe the fight is gang related, but that fight was the result of just two girls who had some sort of dispute with each other.

"Its disappointing that people in today's society would encourage kids to fight like that were going to look into it. Several questions ourselves when where it happened, if it's a recent video or if it occurred long in the past," said Chief Weems.

The video comes to an abrupt end when everyone scatters after someone yells out there's the cops. A police report has been filed and the chief says as of now the crime is considered a disturbance of the peace.

Chief Weems says he plans to meet with prosecutors to discuss possible charges against the parents for their participation.


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