Alleged Drunk Driver Causes Accident, Winds Up in Yard

An alleged drunk driver blew through a stop light and collided with two other vehicles, and then plowed through a fence on Friday.

It happened early Friday morning at Staples and McArdle. Everyone involved is okay, but 50-year old Clifford McKenzie, the driver who caused the accident, was taken to jail and charged with DWI.

McKenzie was given a field sobriety test by police shortly after the accident.

Police said McKenzie disregarded a red light and ended up striking two other vehicles. Belbeth Reyes was in one of them.

"I had a green light," Reyes said. "I looked both sides, he just came out of nowhere. He was speeding or something."

Reyes will be okay, and so will the driver in a red sport utility vehicle that was also involved in the accident. That driver is pregnant and expecting twins.

However, the damage didn't stop at the intersection. McKenzie's truck ended up on the other side of a fence, in the backyard of a corner house. The homeowner heard the crash and came out to investigate. She found the driver bleeding, and said he was pouring out a beer.

"He was kind of slurring," the homeowner said. "He said, 'Oh, there's just a little bit of beer. This is not my beer,' as he was pouring it out."

You might recognize her home. It's the one with scriptures on the fence.

McKenzie told police that he was on his way home from work. He was arrested for DWI and for tampering with evidence.


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