Alleged Drunk Driver Rips Through Snowgoose Neighborhood

People who live in one southside neighborhood are cleaning up the damage after a rude awakening early Wednesday morning.

Police said an accused drunk driver caused several thousand dollars in property damage when he lost control of his car, crashed through a fence, a house, and even a car.

"Trying to clean up things around here," said Frenchy Dupont, whose home was hit by the suspected drunk driver. "Plenty of things to clean up."

Frenchy Dupont and his son discovered the mess just outside their doorstep when  their home suddenly became a target of the accused drunk driver.

"Came ripping through my yard. Hit the support pillar and hit my parents' Mercury," John Dupont said. "Turned it 90 degrees, and totaled it. And hit their garage."

A 23-year old was behind the wheel of a Camaro when it all happened, just after 2 a.m. Police said he was driving down Snowgoose and was going too fast.

"According to the police officer, the driver claims he lost control of the car," John Dupont said. "Yeah, he lost control of the car."

The Camaro is no longer around, but the damage remains. Car parts are being tossed in a barrel, and bricks into the back of a truck. Neighbors in that area are now left with a big headache.

"I'm shocked," said Ricky Sanders, a neighbor. "It happened right after Christmas. You don't really expect it."

Neighbors Ricky and Genelle Sanders did not escape the path of destruction. Bricks from the fence shot across the yard, pelting Ricky's Chevy truck.

"I saw a huge mess," Sanders said. "The Camaro was totaled. Both of them were just totaled. It was done."

The damage to the house is estimated at $32,000. The suspected drunk driver tried to run from the scene, but was later caught by police. His name has not yet been released.

Even after seeing all the damage, Frenchy Dupont says he can't hold a grudge.

"I can't be angry with him," Dupont said. "If I do, I'll be sick. I just hope he learns a lesson about it."

John Dupont said thankfully he at least had insurance.


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