Animal Control Seeks Families Willing to Foster, Adopt

Folks at the City's Animal Control department say that this is peak season for people dropping off unwanted puppies, and many of those pups aren't making it out alive.

Thanks to the stories that we have done here on 3News recently, many people have shown up to help foster puppies at Animal Control, and that has alleviated some of the burden for them; but there is one problem. After a few weeks of fostering those puppies, they are brought back to Animal Control and dumped back into the system, leaving Animal Control to find them a new home.

On average right now, they get about 20 puppies a day that need to be fostered and cared for, and now that the peak of puppy season is starting up, they expect to be pretty packed soon. It makes it hard for Animal Control to respond to calls, because they just won't have room for more animals.

That is why they need more families like the Guevaras, who can help not only foster an animal, but also possibly find the animal a new home.

"We had been thinking about adopting a dog anyway," said Mackenzie Guevara. "We thought this fostering, try our dog, make sure it fits within our home and keep him for ever."

The Guevaras already have three toddlers, a newborn baby and a dog at home, but despite that, they want to help alleviate the problem for Animal Control.

Out of 20 puppies that come in daily, about half do not make it.

If you would like to help out Animal Control, you can head to the shelter. They are open Monday through Saturday.


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