Area Postal Workers Protest Cutback of Saturday Mail Delivery

Hundreds of postal workers and their families gathered this weekend as part of a nationwide protest against cutbacks.

"We just want the public to be informed and make sure they tell their congressman to make sure they keep it," Juan Munoz, Jr. with the National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 1259 said.

A spokesman for the local branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers says if the Postal Board stops Saturday delivery of mail, 50 to 60 letter carriers could be out of work in Corpus Christi alone.

"So these people would actually have to move or be out of a job. That's money lost in taxes and revenue the city would lose."

Some 200 union members from Corpus Christi, McAllen and Victoria converged on the Everhart Road branch of the Post Office as part of a nationwide rally by postal workers to send a message to congress.

"I'm here because it's my livelihood that's at stake here," postal worker Jim Ruetze said.  "My livelihood and the livelihoods of my friends, my families' well being is at stake, so it's important to me that six day delivery continue."

The union estimates the loss of Saturday delivery would mean almost 24,000 postal workers could lose their jobs.

"It's going to turn away business and people rely on the Postal Service, small businesses especially to deliver on Saturday. and I think it's a big mistake," Christina Davidson, postal worker said.

Customers we found using the lobby were split on their support for the demonstrators.

"It's just always been strange to me that our rates continue to go up yet service continues to go down, Lisa Smith, customer said.  "So, I guess I can agree with them."

"I'm sure they're tired and don't get paid like they should, but everybody ought to be able to get their mail in five days," Marietta Kingston, customer said.

Not everyone was there to protest like the daughter of postal worker, Michelle Flores.

"I think it'll teach us to be supportive of things that happen," Flores said.

It's still a matter of wait and see.
Brian Burns 3 News


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