Area Schools Placed on Lockdown Following Threats

Two area schools were placed on lockdown following threats on Friday.

A lockdown was put in place at Alice High School when rumors reached the principal's office that a student had a gun and had threatened to shoot people.

The school was placed under lockdown mode, and police quickly arrived.

Everyone was already on edge because of what had happened in Connecticut. School administrators and police took the rumors of the threat very seriously.

"It was pretty crazy. Like, they just had us in our classes, and it happened around like during our third period, and they just said, 'Just keep all the students inside. Don't let them go anywhere. Don't let them go to the bathroom,'" said Britanny Vela, a senior at Alice High School. "And it was just crazy, and when they told us why, when I had heard, it was pretty crazy, and pretty scary, to hear that a student was going to hurt us."

"We just sat in the class, and everything was fine, and teachers were out," said Marcelo Flores, another senior at Alice High School. "Security guards were out. Officers were in the building and everything, and the law enforcement instructor was outside making sure everything was fine. It was a little frantic but everything was fine."

The lockdown was later lifted and classes resumed as normal. Alice police did take one juvenile student in to be questioned, but ultimately that student was released and is not facing any charges.

Police said they never found a gun, but while investigators were on campus looking into the rumors of the first threat, they were immediately notified of another, unrelated threat that police say had been made 24 hours earlier on Twitter.

Alice police arrested 18-year old Oscar Resendez, Jr., who is a quarterback for the Alice High School football team. They say Resendez tweeted a threat of shooting and chaos that was going to occur.

Resendez has been charged with a felony terroristic threat. Mindful of what happened in Connecticut, Alice Police Chief Daniel Bueno underlined the point that they take all threats extremely seriously.

"It is a sad day in America, and we are very concerned of any type of threat," Bueno said. "Whether it's jokingly, playing around, using the technology that's now available in any form or fashion to make a threat, we are going to take that very seriously."

The superintendent's office at the Alice Independent School District did not have any comment regarding the situation. Meanwhile, Alice police say they will continue to monitor the schools closely and take all threats seriously.

Also on lockdown on Friday was the Our Lady of Perpetual Help here in Corpus Christi.

According to police, a threat was made to the church just before 10:30 a.m. The suspect is someone who police say has made threats before to area churches and Catholic organizations.

The threat prompted administrators to lockdown the school, which is right next door.

Police said they know the man that has made these threats, and they will continue to investigate.

Meanwhile, Friday's shooting in Connecticut prompted the Catholic Dioceses to lockdown all after-school programs. Parents were invited to pick up their children early.


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