ARK in Port Aransas Constructs Artificial Nest for Baby Owl

It was a first for the Animal Rehabilitation Keep in Port Aransas on Monday, as they actually constructed a nest to try and save a baby owl.

Most of the time, firefighters are pictured rescuing kittens out of trees, but Rockport's volunteer firefighters helped members from the ARK rescue a baby Great Horned Owl over the weekend.

Because of the high winds, the owl's nest began to break apart and ultimately fell down. A woman in Rockport noticed the baby owl was just sitting on a bare branch. She called the ARK, and that was when they came up with the idea to build an artificial nest using a laundry basket with nesting material.

The hope is that the mother owl will come back and nurse the baby until it is able to fly.

"The other interesting thing is we will leave this nest up there, so when that baby flies off they can come back again," ARK Director Tony Amos said.

If the mother does not come back, they will have to rescue the baby owl, but they are hopeful that will not happen. The ARK will be keeping an eye on the baby owl, making sure that the mother does return.


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