Arrest Made in Connection with Latest Homicide Investigation

Corpus Christi police made an overnight arrest in connection with city's latest homicide investigation, as police look into the death of 71-year old Charlie Noack.

The man Noack allegedly lived with, Jacob Alan Crow, was arrested Wednesday night for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, after police discovered that he was driving the vehicle belonging to the murder victim, which was missing from the scene when police discovered Noack's body.

Crow's sister, who lives near Noack's apartment and knew him well, said that she believes her brother is also responsible for the death of Noack.

She said that, when she heard that Noack had let her brother stay with him, she knew that trouble would soon follow.

On top of charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, crow was given an additional charge of having a prohibited weapon. He was arrested at the Weber Square Apartments Wednesday night, and is now sitting in the county jail on those charges as investigators try to solve the murder of Charlie Noack.

On Thursday, Cheryl Rains, a woman who knew Noack well, left an American flag and a vase of flowers outside of Noack's apartment. She said he was a good man.

"I just knew him from coming over here to the apartments, because my father-in-law owned them," Rains said. "He was just very nice. He always talked to me about the war stories. I just couldn't let some scumbag take away the memories of a good man. I just couldn't do it. I wanted him to be remembered."

"When Charlie knew that he was missing his gun, he searched the kids bag and looked in it and found a survival guide book that was his, and really made him mad. So he said, 'He's probably out pawning my gun,'" said Ron Rains, who also knew the victim. "So he put the manual in his bag and sat it outside his door. What happened after that, I don't know."

Ron Rains spoke to Noack on a regular basis. Rains is a Navy vet from the Korean War, and Noack was a Vietnam Army vet. They swapped war stories and other happenings along Nemec Street, a close-knit community of residents who are all upset about the murder.

Neighbors said that Noack took in Crow because he did not have a place to stay. After a few days, though, Noack apparently noticed his gun was missing and believed that Crow had taken it.

Crow's sister said that if Noack was murdered, then her brother did it. She did not want her name to be used, but she said her brother has been a troublemaker all his life. She added that he has been on drugs for at least half of that time.

She said that her brother had told her that he had found Noack dead and then took his car keys. She also said that Crow left a backpack at a friend's apartment, and told them he did not want to be caught with it because, if he was, he would be "going down."

The Nueces County Medical Examiner said that the cause of Noack's death still has not been determined. As for Crow, his sister said the family will not be bailing him out of jail, because they have wanted him off the streets for some time.


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