Baker Student Praised as Hero for Saving Classmates Life

A Baker Middle School student is being credited with saving the life of his fellow classmate on Friday.

It happened during lunchtime, when the 11-year old boy noticed his friend was choking on some food and could not breathe. Fortunately, he knew what to do and jumped into action.

The sixth grader said that it was thanks to his training as a Boy Scout that he knew exactly what to do when he saw his friend in trouble.

Life Saver Lane is his new nickname, and 11-year old Lane Behnke does not seem to mind.

"I feel like a hero, but I'm not like 'Here I am to the rescue,'" Lane said. "I just feel like I did something right."

He did just that.

It all started as a normal day at the lunch table.

"We were sitting down. I had a Whataburger and my friend had a fry, he was chewing on it," Lane said. "My friend bumped into him, laughing while that happened, and he was choking on it."

12-year old Rafael Robles explained what happened next.

"At first, I thought it was normal and I could swallow it down. I couldn't," Robles said. "I started to have death thoughts. Got scared."

"I realized his face was turning red," Lane said. "I got out of my seat and went right behind him, did the Heimlich maneuver, and he spit out the fry."

"He came to the rescue and saved my life," Robles said.

The boys reenacted the life-saving action.

"You usually hit right about here, right above the belly button," Lane said.

During the real deal, Lane said he stayed calm and was just glad he could help.

"I felt really happy. Asked him after that, 'Are you okay?" Lane said. "He said, 'Yes, I'm fine. I said whew."

Lane says being a Boy Scout taught him how to perform that courageous move.

"If someone is choking, you can't be shocked. That's the same thing as a firefighter. You can't just stand there and watch it burn down," Lane said. "It's your duty to save someone's life. It's your job."

Tiffany Ritchie, Lanes mother, could not be prouder, but said she was not surprised by his fast thinking skills.

"It's an honor and a privilege to be his mom," Ritchie said.

For saving that student's life, Baker Middle School is honoring Lane with a Student of Excellence Award. While the 11-year old is being praised by his fellow classmates, his parents are not letting his superhero skills go to his head.

"Still has to do his homework, take out the trash, and rake leaves after school today," Ritchie said.


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