Bond 2012 Does Little to Address Police Department Needs

The 2012 City Bond offers very little in improvements for the Corpus Christi Police Department, and does not address the main police station or substations around town.

The City did put $500,000 in elevator repairs into the John Sartain main police station during the last bond, but this time around, the department is only looking at possibly getting around $700,000 to build a forensic storage building for cars that are impounded at crime scenes.

In the meantime, there are a lot of problems that need to be addressed at the Sartain building.

The Police Union is backing Chief Floyd Simpson's effort to try and come up with a plan to upgrade the facility. They said the building is not state of the art, and there are a number of electrical and plumbing issues. Also, the roof leaks and the rainwater runs right down the interior walls of the building.

The parking lot is also too small for employees to park there or, for that matter, for the public to go and pay a ticket, or talk about a crime issue.

"We're talking about a real estate plan, and we're talking about strategically placing subdivision police buildings in order to get impact," Simpson said.

The Police Union pointed out that every police building is actually a retrofit. The Sartain building at one time was a department store. It was called Fedway.

The union said that, in a number of cases, it was probably cheaper to have built new than to constantly have to make repairs and pay leases to try and house an expanding department.


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