Border Patrol Agent's Wife Speaks About Fatal Love Affair

Denise Garibay, 28, was allegedly assaulted by her husband Thursday morning before police say he left town to shoot and kill the man who she says was the love of her life.

Her husband, 33-year old U.S. Border Patrol Agent Adam Garibay, is now recovering in a hospital where he awaits his arrest for the murder of 35-year old Keith Martin.

Keith and Denise where both married to other people, but Denise said their love for each other was undeniable.

"I actually almost collapsed. He actually had to hold me because I got weak," Denise Garibay said. "All I had to do was see him and I knew exactly how he felt, and what we felt. That's what I mean. It was surreal."

Denise met Keith through his wife, Tracy Martin, when the two women worked at a local hardware store. She said their romance began in late November and they were intimate with each other for three weeks before the drama unfolded. They were constantly and secretly meeting and talking on the phone or through Facebook.

Denise said breaking up her friend's marriage was a sacrifice.

"It's not like we wanted to hurt her or anybody," Denise said. "We had to be together, like at all costs, we had to be together."

That romance cost Keith his life.

On Thursday morning, police were called out to a home on Haven Street, where they say Adam Garibay had tied up and beaten Denise after she had told him that she wanted to leave him for good. She said he threatened to shoot her children if she didn't give him Keith's home address so he could drive to Hondo, Texas, and kill him.

After the alleged assault, Adam drove to Hondo and did just that. He was eventually tracked down by Medina County deputies in Sabinal, Texas, where he led them on a chase before crashing his car.

"When I gave him the address, I figured I had less than two hours to get out of my snare and stuff and get hold of him, but I wasn't fast enough," Denise said.

Denise said that Adam had contacted Keith through Facebook pretending to be her, setting up the encounter that resulted in Keith's death.

"That's what got me messed up, because I got so wrapped up into my feelings with him that I didn't pay attention that Adam was paying attention," Denise said. "The problem with Adam, he's super smart."

She said Adam had told Keith through her Facebook account that she was going to drive to Hondo to meet him. Instead, she said Adam had bound her with duct tape, beat her and then took off in her car.

"He told me before he left, literally he said, 'I'm going to go out with a bang. I'll see you in Hell,'" Denise said.

After spending two hours tied up, Denise's five-year old son finally found her and got help. After that, she drove to Hondo to try to warn Keith about her husband, but she knew in her heart that he was already dead.

"I felt Keith touch me on my way up to Hondo, right here in the sun," Denise said. "I just know."

Denise said Keith was an angel that rescued her from her unhappy marriage. She said she lived in constant fear of her husband.

"Even though him dying was horrible, I'm very happy," Denise said. "I'm very thankful, because now I'm free."

Keith Martin's wife, Tracy, declined to comment.


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