Car Wash Employees Attacked by Swarm of Bees

CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) - A pair of car wash employees are stung countless times by a swarm of bees.  Believe or not, this isn't the first time its happened.  Tonight the two men are speaking about their close encounter.  What started as a normal workday for Anthony Arevalo and Steve Morin quickly turned into a scary ordeal.  The two told 3 News, "a swarm of bees came at us stung us about 22 times yesterday and came back again today. We got stung again."  They were stung so many times, the fire department and vector control was called in for backup.  The employees were forced to run into the carwash to try and escape the swarm.  Emergency crews arrived and found the source of the problem, a huge hive in the roof of a garage behind the business.  Fire fighters sprayed it down with a special soap and water solution to kill the bees.  The number of bees were in the thousands. The two employees were able to joke about it after their close encounter but it was no laughing mater when they were being stung.  The two men were checked out and are going to be okay.  The hive was removed and bagged by a vector control officer who said the owner of the home where the hive was found, had been dealing with the bee problem for months.  However, nothing was ever done about it until now.  Vector control says these were not the Africanized bee variety.


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