CCISD Workers Find Two Puppies Abandoned in a Dumpster

A couple of school district employees made a disturbing discovery near Buc Stadium after hearing noises coming from a nearby dumpster on Friday.

When they looked inside, they found two tiny pups that had been tossed in and left for dead. They quickly fished the puppies out of the dumpster, and called Kiii News.

Now, the two puppies are in safe hands. They are getting cleaned up and will be adopted out.

The discovery has several people speaking out, asking how someone could do something so cruel. Unfortunately, it happens more often than one might think.

"When we got here, he was saying, 'I think I hear something in the trash can,'" said Charles Dixon, a Corpus Christi Independent School District employee.

"Getting closer to the dumpster, that's when one of the puppies popped its head up from the trash," said Rene Pantoja, who found the pups.

What the two CCISD workers heard was a whimpering, but they never expected to discover this. Among cardboard boxes and plastic bags were two tiny pups. They had been abandoned, thrown away and treated like trash.

"It's pretty sad someone would dump dogs like that out here," Dixon said. "Probably been out here all night."

The helpless puppies looked cold and hungry.

"More than likely, they would have died," Pantoja said.

"I put on my gloves - they had fleas on them - picked them up, took them out of the trash can, and looked at them real good," Dixon said.

Luckily the men were there and acted on those cries for help. They gave the pups some water and called 3News.

In order to get the dogs the help they needed, we took the dogs and placed them in the back of our news vehicle. We then drove the pups to Peewee's Pet Adoption World & Sanctuary, a no-kill shelter on Saratoga, and handed them over to the shelter's Director Ernie Cochran.

"They're heroes. They actually did something. Went and looked, and saved the puppies," Cochran said. "Wonderful thing. Now we have a special delivery just for you. Find a good home for them."

Cochran said she has seen it time and time again - animals abandoned in dumpsters, and most of the time, the person who dumps them is never caught. In this case, no one saw who did it, and there were no cameras to capture the crime; but for these two little pups, thrown out and found by accident, they are now given a fighting chance at life.

The pups will be given a bath and vaccinated, and after a week of observation, they will be put up for adoption.


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