CCPD Chief Speaks Out Against Bill Banning Red Light Cameras

The Texas Legislature is considering a bill to ban red light cameras in Texas, and the Corpus Christi Police chief is one of those fighting that ban in Austin.

In the two years before red light cameras were installed in 2007, the intersection at Holly and Weber had the highest number of accidents at 63. In the past year, that number has dropped to 24, and that's why Police Chief Floyd Simpson thinks the red light cameras are a good thing.

Each ticket carries a $75 fine, adding up to millions of dollars statewide. Half of that revenue stays in the city, and half goes to the state.

Chief Simpson said the City has paid more than $1.7 million to the State and used the rest of the funds for traffic-related equipment and training programs. He also said that the tickets are not sent out automatically, but they also get a human review.

Nearly two-dozen states in the U.S. allow red light cameras, and fewer than a dozen specifically restrict their use, according to the Governors' Association.

Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns went Live from the intersection of Holly and Weber with more details.


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