CCPD Code Enforcement Initiative to Target Larger Crimes

As part of an effort to help prevent larger crimes like prostitution and gang activity, Corpus Christi police are joining forces with Code Enforcement to crack down on those not in compliance.

They call it the "broken windows theory." If you see areas of town that have high weeds or junk vehicles, or homes that aren't being taken care of, it shows that those homeowners don't care about their neighborhood. In turn, that leads to a breeding ground for crime.

Captain David Blackmon of the Corpus Christi Police Department is in charge of the new operation, called Operation NET. NET stands for Neighborhood Enforcement Team, and that team will be tackling the quality-of-life issues in different areas of the city -- trash, broken down homes, cars in yards. They will also be talking with residents and educating the public.

The officers say that taking care of those things will help target overall crime problems the city is faced with.

"The time of leniency is gone," Blackmon said. "The city is past the point where we can turn our heads and say 'when you get to it, you get to it.' If you are a property owner or absent landlord, you are going to be held accountable. If you have overgrown grass on your property and it's five-feet tall, you are going to receive a citation."

The operation will include Code Enforcement along with CCPD patrol and motorcycle officers.

The CCPD said its in the process of taking over Code Enforcement officially beginning Feb. 1.


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