CCPD: "Operation Batman"

Corpus Christi Police Department Chief Floyd Simpson said security and safety of our citizens is always top of mind, and last night's premiere of the Batman movie was no exception.

"We anticipated large crowds," Simpson said. "We kind of thought that there could be some mayhem, and we were prepared to respond."

The chief said safety precautions were taken Thursday night in anticipation of the expected crowds at area theaters. He said it was called, appropriately enough, "Operation Batman," as extra officers were stationed throughout the Century 16 Theater area for the midnight showing of the much awaited summer Hollywood blockbuster.

Citizens probably didn't notice, but police were apparently everywhere.

"We had officers covertly in the crowds," Simpson said. "Had an over presence, but it was far removed so that it didn't infringe and cause our security to be the issue of the day; but they were ready to respond if we needed to. And then we had actual people on the rooftop of the theater."

Simpson said the incident in Colorado should not deter anyone from enjoying an evening out with family and friends; but do you feel safe when you go out to theaters or other public events?

Angela Rodriguez and her three kids were headed into a local theater Friday, and while they take extra steps to always be safe, Rodriguez said it is incidents like the one in Colorado that makes her question overall safety.

"Nowadays, I don't even let my kids outside by themselves, because you don't know what's going to happen to them," Rodriguez said. "You should be able to come to the movies and not worry if you're going to die or not."


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