CCPD Provides Details in Officer Involved Shooting

The Corpus Christi Police Department was tight-lipped on Monday about the details surrounding the shooting death of Daniel Scott.

The man was involved in a standoff with police, and they ended up killing him because he shot at officers.

Scott's neighbors were concerned about the incident because they weren't sure police did everything they could to avoid a deadly confrontation with Scott, who was said to be suffering from mental illness.

On Sunday night, police showed up to Scott's home in the 1100 block of Salem. The man told police he was barricaded inside his home and was armed with a gun. He was saying that his neighbors were a threat.

Police surrounded the home and blocked off the street to his house. SWAT was called in, and officers ended up shooting Scott after they say he fired at them as they went up to his home.

Police called a news conference Monday afternoon to give those details, but would not say anything else about the case or answer questions from the media.

On Tuesday, Chief Floyd Simpson said that his department simply wanted to make sure they knew the right information to give us, and here are some of those critical details.

"Our dialogue just broke down," Simpson said. "We sent robots in prior to engaging. We used tear gas, much like what people are talking about. We did virtually everything we could to establish a dialogue before we had to use deadly force, and what's really really important is these officers were fired upon prior to having engaged the subject, and that's something nobody is happy about. Nobody set out to intentionally use deadly force."

The department also said it brought in a highly trained negotiator who is also a trained counselor to have face-to-face talks with Scott.

Police also confirmed that they had been called for problems at the Scott home numerous times over the years. The house had actually been red-flagged as a possible danger to officers.


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