CCPD's First Ever Virtual Ride-Along

How would you like a camera following you at your job every day? One Corpus Christi police officer said she welcomes the idea.

That's why she agreed to participate in the Corpus Christi Police Department's first-ever virtual ride-along, a chance for the public to see a little bit more about what police officers actually do all day; or in this case, all night.

In fact, the public was invited to logon and see for themselves Wednesday night.

All eyes were on Officer Trenade Paddock. She and her partner were the first to take part in a pilot program that showed anyone who logged on to Twitter what it is that officers go through on their shift.

"People out there can actually see what I do on a daily basis," Paddock said. "Sometimes it's a family disturbance, other times it's a drunk who's peeing in the road. On occasion there's naked people on the beach."

Public Information Officer Kirk Stowers described the virtual ride-along as, "An example of daily life on the streets of Corpus Christi, from a police officer's perspective."

The program was created as a way to show Corpus Christi residents how their money is being spent, and that officers are not just doing their job, but that they're members of our community as well.

"It's not us against them. We are participants in the community," Stowers said. "We want to show that."

Viewers were able to simply logon to Twitter and follow @CorpusChristiPD to see the photos and videos Paddock and her partner posted during the virtual ride-along. It ran from 5:30 p.m. Wednesday until 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

"We'd like for a lot of people to look and see what their officers are doing," Stowers said. "This is their tax dollars. This is what their money is going towards, and we're good stewards of their money. We want that to be shown."

And it's not just about transparency. As a single mom, Officer Paddock hopes to inspire others through her job.

"They actually get to see hands-on, and that if I can do it as a single mother of five children, other people can do it as well," she said.

You can follow the Corpus Christi Police Department's Twitter account at any time. They tweet every day. Just follow @CorpusChristiPD.

You can also visit the Crime Reports page on the Web site, where their Twitter feed is posted as well.


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