Cell Phone Theft Victim Obtains "Selfies" Taken of Suspects

An Ingleside man whose cell phone disappeared on Jan. 29 may have found a clue as to his phone's whereabouts -- he recently obtained two "selfies" taken by a security app on the missing phone.

It was Wednesday, Jan. 29, when the victim was eating at Whataburger. He left after eating and realized he didn't have his phone, so he went back. The phone, a brand new Samsung Galaxy, was gone.

What the thieves did not know was that the phone has an app called Lookout. After five failed attempts at unlocking the phone with a password, the phone automatically snaps a picture and sends it to the cloud.

Apparently, it's not just Android devices that have these security apps. They are also available on iPhone and other smart phones.

"I think if people would explore those options on their smart phones, today a lot of them are providing you with security features right out of the box that you can protect yourself with, and it's just a few simple steps to get it set up and you're good to go," Aransas Pass Police Chief Eric Blanchard said.

While police now know what the two suspects look like, so far they have not made any arrests. If you can identify the suspects, please call the Tri-County Crime Stoppers at 361-758-8477.

Also, if you have any questions about the security apps on your phone, you can call the Aransas Pass Police Department.


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