Changes In Store For Science & History Museum

The Museum of Science and History is moving forward with a plan to bring in more money.

One way is to ask city council to let it enter into a private/public partnership.  Over the years, the museum has continued to lose money.  That's why it's hoping a management company can come in and increase revenue.

Thursday, museum officials discussed a plan where another company would come in and run it's gift shop and also put in a restaurant or some kind of food and beverage operation.

The management company would also be in charge of renting out the facility.  Over the past 12 years, the museum has lost half of it's staff and attendance has dropped by more than 50%.  A common problem seen at museums across the country.

So, along with a private partner to help run the place, the city is also going to use hotel tax dollars to help promote the coming of the new edition of the Science and History Museum.  

"Our challenge is the tourism attendance, because tourists, if you don't have a billboard you don't exist.  That's why this billboard program is so important to the museum getting some billboards up and banner ads on some web sites and doing the other things we're doing is so important it will tell tourists we're here," says Rick Stryker, Museum Director.

The city is also looking at possibly making the museum more interactive for children.  Right now, officials say they are in talks with one company who has an interest in trying to turn things around here.

We're also told that there is probably going to be some shuffling of employees at the museum under the new management plan.  No one is expected to lose their job during the change.


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