City Council Debate Over Proposed Street User Fee Continues

The debate over the proposed street user fee continued Tuesday, as City Council voted on whether to spend a quarter million dollars to hire a consultant to do a survey.

Council members have been trying for weeks to come up with a fair and equitable way to pay for needed street repairs. That survey would help City staff come up with a formula that is fair to large and small businesses.

The biggest complaint so far is that small business owners would be paying as much or more than larger companies would.

With the mayor not in attendance, the Council was split, so the survey contract failed. While the City is now stalled on the fee, a business committee organized by the Chamber of Commerce had a suggestion for Council members.

"We want to kind of compose the interests of the business owners of this community, and bring one formulated plan to the Council for you guys to consider or tweak or whatnot," business owner Bevin Bactah said.

The committee said they hope to present a plan to the Council in at least two weeks, but for now, the fee could be dead in the water unless Council decides to implement it as is.


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