City Keeping Employees Off of Inappropriate Web Sites

The City of Corpus Christi is said to be keeping a close watch these days on workers who use city computers. The idea is to make sure they are not using them to look at pornography.

John Spiess is with the City's Department of Municipal Information Systems. They are the ones who investigate such things. He says a number of City employees have recently been disciplined for viewing pornography in the workplace, and they do have ways now of keeping track of that sort of thing.

"In the past, we have allowed incidental internet usage by employees for personal use, much like you do on a telephone, because in all truth, how would you police that," Spiess said. "But it's understood it can't be inappropriate action, and with Mr. Olson coming here, he has stressed it at a more senior level."

All City employees have to sign an agreement that they won't be visiting inappropriate Web sites on City time and using equipment.


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