City Set to Hold Property Maintenance to a Higher Standard

      1970, that was the last time the city of Corpus Christi updated the city's property maintenance code.  That's 44 years ago!
 The code has become outdated, so in a few weeks, the city will be revisiting that code will raise the standards on how property must be maintained.  Our Katia Uriarte takes a look at what this means for property owners in Corpus Christi.
     An old church sat empty for over five years in one residential neighborhood off North Port Avenue.
     Homeowner Delma Cruz said, "all the roof was already down.  With a church like that right there it's scary.  It's scary.  I've seen people go in like 3 guys in the night we live over here we scared."
     Delma Cruz and her husband bought their home catty corner to the church a few years back.
     Captain David Blackmon is a 25 year veteran of the Corpus Christi Police Department.  He has overseen code enforcement for the last six months, ever since CCPD took over that division.
     Blackmon said, "The city has a lot of blighted properties and it's gonna be a job. This is going to help us expedite the process."
     He says the international property maintenance code the city council will consider in a few weeks will hold property maintenance to a higher standard.
     Blackmon said, "if you have a structure that is boarded up and it's not hurricane season under the new code it's stricter it speaks better to that stuff."
     He says bringing down structures like the church, that have been grossly neglected, currently take up to 7 months to raze.  The new code can help expedite the process.
     Blackmon said, "it should be reduced because we don't have to go thru as much red tape to try to clarify different issues it's black and white."
     The updated code is what's used across the board in most cities as a standard for property maintenance.  The hope is that the code will bring up the compliance rate and get the city‚Ķto start looking better than ever.


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