City to Add Sidewalks to Dangerous Stretch of McArdle

It has been nearly a year since a young Corpus Christi woman was killed by a hit and run driver as she was walking to a church gathering.

It happened near the intersection of Ennis Joslin and McArdle, an area known for poor lighting and no sidewalks.

Kiii News Reporter Mike DaSilva went Live from that area with details on how things are changing for the better.

This is where 24-year old Kimberly Encinia was hit and left for dead. Enicinia's mother, Mary, said the area is extremely dangerous, and she wants City leaders to take action.

On Tuesday, Mary showed photos of her daughter, which she normally can't find the strength to look at because it makes her cry. It was Feb. 11 of last year, at around 9:30 p.m., when Kimberly was walking to a young adult Christian fellowship and was hit by a car. Whoever did it never came forward to admit responsibility.

Mary Encinia said that, two nights before her daughter was killed, she almost hit a young man in the same area. Mary said she was driving with her daughter when she almost hit the young man in front of her, but slammed on the brakes when her daughter saw him.

"She says, 'Mom, I promise you, one of these days I'm going to get on TV and I'm going to make a difference. You know, before somebody gets killed,'" Mary said. "But her thing was, which I don't think I've shared or I hardly have shared, is that she told me that she was upset because the people that we elect sit behind their desk and they don't take care of the city. They don't take care of the people of the city."

"Sometime in spring next year, 2014, we should start construction," said Dan Biles, director of engineering services. "What we're doing is from Ennis Joslin to Nile, that two-lane section of road will be built into a three-lane section, with curb and gutter and sidewalks which we don't have today, and bike lanes if we have the room inside the right of way. So that's what the future road section will look like."

Biles said the City is working with American Electric Power to make sure they will have the right level of street lighting, and that they are at the beginning of the design contract process, which will last most of the year, before they go into bid and construction.

Meanwhile, Mary wants action, asking what it is going take for the City to get this done. She said the support she has received from those whose lives were touched by Kimberly sustains her.


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