City Works to Ensure Navy Stays in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi city leaders are working to make sure that the Navy doesn't decide to pull up stakes anytime soon. At stake are the 10,000 jobs that are supported by Naval Air Station Corpus Christi.

So a big meeting is coming up, to help ensure that the Navy sticks around.

The Navy wants to make sure that its training flights cause as little disruption to our lives as possible. It's a bone of contention in communities across the country, where residents complain about the noise and dangers of the flights.

A Navy trainer was flying low overhead as the pilot was practicing touch and go's at Cabaniss Field on Monday afternoon. Navy pilots have been training here in Corpus Christi since May of 1941.

Everyone from George H. Bush to Bob Barker has trained here; but nowadays, the Navy is also concerned about reducing potential conflicts between its military installations and the surrounding areas.

So on Oct. 3, the City Planning Commission will host what is called a Joint Land Use Study workshop. Basically, it is a way to make sure that new growth in the city will be aligned with the mission of the Navy and its needs. In other words, making sure that, for instance, we don't build single-family residences next to Cabaniss Field in the future.

"This is not going to stop development," Councilman Mark Scott said. "This is just going to provide more compatible development to protect the Navy while at the same time letting the landowner develop. It will allow retail, restaurants, stuff like that. We're just trying to eliminate single-family resident developments in those T-6 flight patterns."

Right now, the Navy pilots train on the T-44 out at Cabaniss Field, and the T-34 is another trainer, but it's on its way out. NAS-CC has already received two T-6 trainers and will continue to get two or three more of those planes each month for the next two years.

The T-6 will fly out of Corpus Christi and do touch and go's at a field in Goliad.


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