Classes Canceled at Alice High School Due to Blown Transformer

There was plenty of confusion at Alice High School Wednesday morning after a transformer shorted out, causing the smell of smoke in the school.

The school initially went into lockdown, and then evacuated the students over to the football stadium. Alice Police Chief Randy Weems said there was a communication issue because the public address system was down, due to the electricity being out.

Some parents said there was no order, and that teachers were cussing at them and people were getting hysterical.

"They looked like they were in a prison camp, you know," concerned mother Joanna Ovalle said. "All the kids were on the fence. They had kids over the bleachers, hanging over, and when I finally got my daughter, kids were literally jumping over that fence right there to get out."

Chief Weems said there were also some problems with gaining control of unruly students.

"Once they were able to get a public address system in there, and start communicating with the kids that they needed to get seated and how the parents would be brought in, the entire transition of students to the parents only took about 15 minutes," Weems said. "It took about an hour though, to get to that point."

School was canceled for the day. A decision has not yet been made about whether there will be school on Thursday. Kiii News will keep you updated.


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