Coastal Bend Crime Stoppers at Risk of Losing Grant Monies

Bee County is in jeopardy of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money.

Cathey Brown of the Coastal Bend Crime Stoppers said that, last month, she received an email from the Criminal Justice Division out of the Governor's Office that got her attention.

The email notified her that, in order for Crime Stoppers and other organizations in the county to receive the grants they have been receiving for years, they need to report the outcomes of 90-percent of their criminal cases to the state. It turns out, for 2011, the county only reported 60-percent of their cases.

"I am concerned about not getting it," Brown said. "I mean, this does put a big burden on our volunteer organization, and then we have to go out and have fundraisers in an already economically depressed economy, so it does put stress on our organization."

No one is sure who is at fault for the cases not being reported to the state. The county has until Aug. 1 to bring their number up to 90-percent, or they will lose out on the grants.

Meanwhile, county officials have scheduled a meeting next week to address the problem.


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