Community Steps Up to Save Litter of Newborn Puppies

After Kiii News ran a story Tuesday about eight newborn puppies that were turned in to Animal Care Services, the community stepped up to save them.

One puppy was taken Tuesday night, and on Wednesday morning, just an hour before the pups were to be put to sleep, a local group known as Heartbeats Dog Rescue saved the day.

"Came to look for my dog. She was missing. Saw they had the puppies that needed to be fostered, so figured might as well help out while I'm looking for my dog," said Christina Villarreal, who is fostering one of the pups. "Big responsibility. It is very big."

Villarreal stepped up to foster one of eight boxer mix pups that recently came into Animal Care Services. The newborns' mother died while giving birth. They are only four days old and will have to be bottle fed every two hours.

"We have several foster homes waiting for them, so we felt the quicker we could get them out, the quicker Corpus could help more puppies coming in to them," said Haley Cyr of Heartbeats Dog Rescue. "This unfortunately means a never ending supply of puppies."

Cyr said they have saved 40 animals so far this year from being put to sleep, and they are expecting to see a lot more; but anyone can help.

"They can sign up to be fosters for future puppies. They can donate. Puppies are very expensive. Just the formula alone. We're really, really going to need the help. Puppy pads and blankets. If they'd like to donate that kind of stuff, they can find out how to do that on our Facebook page."

The puppies have already been named.

"We are calling them the Walt Disney puppies, so they are going to be named after Walt Disney characters. I think we're probably going to have a Goofy and a Daisy and a Doc," Cyr said. "There are six boys and a girl, so we're still trying to figure it out."

To see how you can help, you can visit the Heartbeats Dog Rescue Facebook page by clicking here, and if you would like to make a donation, click here.


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