Congressman Farenthold Speaks Out about Possible President Impeachment

    One of the big stories making the rounds in Washington D.C. this weekend is the talk of a possible attempt to vote to impeach the president of the United States.
     A senior aide to the president told a crowd at a breakfast gathering that house speaker John Boehner had opened the door to impeachment.
     That was made possible through a plan to sue the president over executive orders that bypass congress.
    The aide says the presidents plans to overhaul the immigration system and that in all likelihood will spur the impeachment attempt.
     Congressman Blake Farenthold stopped by our studios and we asked him if he and his fellow republicans are thinking impeachment.
     Farenthold told 3 News, "There's not the votes in the Senate to convict the president should the house impeach.  It takes a 2/3rds majority in the senate.  Even if republicans win a majority in November, it'll be difficult to get 2/3rds."
     A recent CNN poll found that 65 percent of Americans oppose impeachment.


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