Corpus Christi City Veterinarian Terminated

There is word of another shakeup at the City's Animal Control shelter as the City's veterinarians, a husband and wife team are given their walking papers and told by the city, they're going in a different direction.

Friday, the two are speaking out about their termination claiming, they were fired only after they brought up some serious issues they were seeing at the shelter.

As you know the Animal Shelter is now under the supervision of the Corpus Christi Police Department, specifically Assistant Chief Mark Schauer.  He declined to meet with us about the mater, but two vets are speaking out with shocking allegations about what took place inside those doors.

"There was no water in any of the water bowls they weren't just empty they were dry.  The dogs were not fed consistently they'd feed them clean their cages put the food bowls on top of the cage where the dog couldn't get to them," says Dr. Tom House.

Dr. House and his wife Jessica have worked at the City's Animal Care Services building for the last four years.

Friday, the husband and wife team were both fired by the city.  They claim, because they were complaining about the lack of supervision they would see in the kennel area.

"Personally, I think they were tired of the complaints, some of the other personnel they got their toes stepped on when we would complain that the animals weren't being fed properly, didn't have water, sitting in feces or urine, we stepped on toes," says Dr. House.

Dr. House says he had sent an email to Assistant Chief Mark Schauer, asking to meet with him and discuss these problems at the shelter.  House says the next day he was handed his termination letter.

Again, Assistant Chief Schauer would not go on camera regarding the firings or about the allegations brought up.

A spokesperson for Corpus Christi Police Department would only say they can not comment on personnel issues.

In the meantime the process to find an interim vet is underway and vaccinations will continue.  However, the shelter will not be spaying or neutering at this time.


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