Corpus Christi Police Department in Need of Recruits

The city is launching a new drive for police department recruits.

This group of 24 men and women are in the middle of a nine week training course to become full fledged police officers.

And police recruiters are working hard to attract some 20 to 30 more applicants for the next training academy that begins in august.

"It seems like it's getting harder in recent years," said Senior Officer Mel Goce. "Also learned that across the board, all departments are having trouble trying to find qualified applicants."

While Goce says the salary and benefits are good, the training and experience would go a long way towards other careers at the federal level.

One cadet is a working wife and mother who is already well into raising a family.

"Definitely have children, having a family, it's a wonderful thing and it shows my children how women are inspiring and how women can be impactful in the community," CCPD Recruit Genarose Peña said. "So, I have two boys and they're definitely proud of me for what I'm doing right now."

Another cadet was more interested in becoming part of a family rather than just getting a job.

"The teamwork, the camaraderie the teamwork that we have. I came in day one, I knew one guy. I had met him one time before, but now there's 24 other people besides myself and we're a family," JR Salinas, CCPD Recruit said. "So, it's one of those things, you're not just a police officer. It's family."

Recruiters are still interested in recruiting women and towards that goal are holding a "Women in Policing Seminar" on Friday, April 5th from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

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