Council Considers $1.4 Million Grant for Del Mar College

City Council is set on deciding whether or not to approve giving Del Mar College a $1.4 million grant to expand its process and instrumentation technology.

The money will be used to build a fully operational and functioning processing unit like you would find at one of the refineries. No oil products will be made, and instead, water will be used. The idea is to be able to get more students through the program.

Del Mar College has about 50 students a year graduate, but with this processing unit in place, they believe they can attract over 600 students a year who will be trained and ready to work.

"We understand that there are some companies who prefer to do their own training," said Claudia Jackson of Del Mar College. "But some of those same companies are the ones that are looking to us and saying let us help you see if we can help you make this work, and if it becomes more advantageous for you to do the training than for us, we'll make something work."

"I would greatly encourage industry to support partnerships like this with Del Mar, and the type a board industry investing in the workforce is a great way for us as a community to all pull together and work on the same team," Councilman Chad Magill said.

Magill was referring to Del Mar's goal of bringing in up to $700,000 from industry to help fund the unit. So far, Chenierre has stepped up and promised $340,000, according to the president of the Type A Board, Robert Tamez.


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