Council to Consider Law Banning Handling Cell Phone While Driving

City Council is set to look into a proposal that calls for hands-free cell phone use while behind the wheel, and could land you a $500 fine for texting and driving.

Cell phones have become commonplace for drivers. Some simply call people who they had just left at home, while others are doing business from the driver's seat. However, many have a real concern about whether people can safely drive and use their phones at the same time.

While state lawmakers have not passed an anti-cell phone law, many cities around the state have. Corpus Christi city leaders have already crafted an ordinance which calls for hands-free driving, which means it would be illegal for you to hold onto and use your cell while driving.

Of course, you would be able to drive and use your phone if you are calling emergency services. You can also be on private property and use your phone while driving.

"The reason the government, the City, is trying to do this is to protect the public," City Attorney Carlos Valdez said. "It's public safety that far outweighs any inconvenience to the person making the call."

"I do think it will pass. I think the council members I've talked to have been supportive. They've been reading what's been going on in other communities, and I think you'll find the mayor and the council supportive."

Scott, who is fully supporting the measure, is an avid cyclist who says he has seen plenty of drivers out on the road using their cell phones, and they end up hitting cyclists because they are distracted. He is also a recovering cell phone addict who confessed to driving and using his cell phone -- until, he said, he figured out it was simply the wrong thing to be doing.

Scott said he is now a hands-free cell phone user. He also believes that the measure will be enforced by the Corpus Christi Police Department in the same manner that is in place now as officers look for and ticket aggressive drivers.


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