Crews Respond to Multiple Broken Water Mains Due to Cold Weather

The City's Water Department was hard at work Tuesday responding to numerous water main breaks that sprung up throughout the city due to the dramatic drop in temperatures.

There were more than a dozen main breaks in all.

Kiii News Reporter Bill Churchwell went Live from the location of one of those main breaks with the details.

City crews tried to focus on the worst main breaks first, one in the 200 block of Aberdeen and the other in the 1200 block of Central in Flour Bluff. Crews said that whenever the temperature drops, they expect to see trouble.

"Going from warmer weather to colder weather, the ground tends to shift a little," Work Coordinator Tom Lavake said. "Enough to cause a leak in the piping. Some of the old cast iron pipes are just getting brittle over the years."

Some of the bigger main breaks took at least three or four hours to fix. Crews focused on those ones first, and then went on to the smaller leaks.

The good news was that there were no road closures due to the water main breaks. Still, if you spot a leak on your street, you are encouraged to call the City at 361-826-2489 to report it.


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