Auto Burglar Charged with Four Counts of Burglary

Occurred on 7/6/12, 03:05 am  Burglary of a Vehicle   4600 Prescott

Callers called police to report suspicious person dressed in black clothing, looking into cars. Officers found a suspect matching the description and detained him.  Joseph Bailey, 18, was arrested after he was positively identified.

The victim told Officers Bailey was burglarized a White Nissan and a red Jeep Cherokee.  Another witness observed Bailey attempt to burglarize a yellow Camaro, but found the vehicle was locked and walked away.  A silver Plymouth Breeze and a blue Hyundai were also found rummaged through with documents and property inside the vehicle on the ground outside of the vehicles.

Officers found a couple of receipts on Bailey possibly belonging to other victims.  Bailey was booked at the City Detention Center and charged with four counts of Burglary of a Vehicle.  

Further investigation revealed the vehicles Bailey burglarized were left unlocked.  According to the Texas Auto Burglary & Theft Authority a car is burglarized in Texas every 2½ minutes. An auto burglary can be deterred if the car owner leaves nothing inside and locks the car.  Other tips to follow include:

- If your must leave belongings, hide them from sight.
- Never park in unattended or poor lit parking lots.
- Do not keep your vehicle registration in your car.
- Do not leave outgoing or incoming mail in our car, especially where visible.
- Avoid leaving the garage door opener in your car.
- Never leave your vehicle or house keys in your car.
- Be aware of suspicious persons.

Remember, the best way to avoid becoming a victim of auto burglary is to be proactive.   For additional information on auto burglary and auto theft prevention, please contact Crime Prevention Advisor Brenda Moreno at 361-886-2675.


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