Crystal Meth Bust has Rockport Police Concerned

Police in Rockport made a huge bust at a home, and found an unusually high quality of crystal meth, and over $1,000 in cash.

Police said the meth is of a different quality than what they usually find, and that has them concerned.

According to police, the high-quality crystal meth is stronger, has more of an impact on the user and, because of that, it is a top priority for them to get it out of the community.

Police showed the roughly 8.1 grams of the high quality ice that they found in items like an Altoids box and a pill container, inside a small black case. They also seized over $1,100 dollars in alleged drug money.

The bust happened around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at 1705 Weeping Willow. With the assistance of the Aransas County Sheriff's Department, the Narcotics Unit and Tactical Team of the Rockport Police Department began to approach a trailer when they say a large pit bull tried to attack their officers.

Police said the pit bull was there on the porch to provide security for the suspects inside, as they allegedly sold drugs out of the so-called dope house.

"The way it was on its dog rung, it was definitely set there for protective measures to keep law enforcement or to slow down our entry into the residence," said Commander Mark Cory of the Rockport Police Department. "And unfortunately, it did become aggressive toward our officers as we approached the residence, and we had to kill the dog for the safety of the officers."

Elizabeth Martinez, 44, Sean Lee Harrison, 41, and 26-year old Shawna Gail Marshall were all charged with possession of a controlled substance. Marshall faces an additional charge of having prohibited substance in a correctional facility. Police said they found more crystal meth hidden in her bra in jail.

Police did shoot the dog to protect their officers.


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