Customers Line Up to Win the $208 Million Powerball Jackpot

It might not be a record jackpot, but it's big enough. Wednesday night's Powerball jackpot has reached an estimated $208 million.

That, of course, has resulted in plenty of local residents testing their luck.

Kiii News Reporter Bill Churchwell went Live from Pittman's Qwik Mart on McArdle, a local convenience store that calls itself the area's luckiest. Customers there have been lining up throughout the day to buy tickets.

Traffic was steady, with plenty going in and out of the store hoping to add their names and pictures to the ones hanging up above the registers. That's because many believe it's one lucky store when it comes to the lottery.

Some said they have more than two million reasons to play Powerball. The jackpot is an estimated annuitized $208 million, and if you choose the cash option, it's a payment of $130.7 million. Some purchased just one ticket, while others went to the store with a fist full of cash from office pools.

Lucky numbers included birthdays and anniversary dates. Customers say it is a bet they are willing to make, especially at what they say is a lucky store.

One man there has already won before.

"It's been pretty lucky. Lucky store for us," Powerball player Joe Diaz said. "Won a trip to the Cowboys."

Powerball is played in Texas and more than 40 other states. Tickets cost $2.


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