D.J. Kane Speaks Out About Eviction Incident

One month after the story broke of his reported eviction, Jason Cano, also known as D.J. Kane, former member of the Tejano group the Kumbia Kings, speaks out.

"It's unfortunate, man, that people have to do whatever they have to do to try to throw me under the bus," Cano said. "But it just makes me a better person, Rudy."

It was back on Oct. 9 when some of his belongings were strewn across his yard, leaving behind a mess. The singer was on tour in Bolivia at the time. The incident was reported as the result of an eviction, but on Thursday, Cano said the belongings had actually been left in the house and were destined to be picked up by a charity.

"The clothes in the house were, you know, we had it in bags, it was supposed to be for the Salvation Army, Goodwill," Cano said. "There was Jordans. There was a lot of stuff that we weren't going to throw away. We switched our electric light to another place, and at night there's no way that you can see, so somebody had to go in there while we were moving and rip those bag and throw them in the front."

Cano said the incident caused his family a great deal of grief, all brought on by what he said was a misunderstanding. He said his family is now in a new home and doing well.

For now, Cano said he wants to concentrate on promoting his latest music release.


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