Defendants Take The Stand in Longbine Trial

From the Nueces County Courthouse, it was time for the defense to present witnesses in the father-daughter murder trial.

In fact Chasity Longbine and her father dennis are the only witnesses who testified Tuesday and what they had to say pointed to what they've maintained all along: "it was self defense."

She testified that she loved Jesus Quintanilla, they had been dating for five months when he was shot and killed.

On the stand, Dennis Longbine testified that in the beginning of the relationship seems ok, but toward the end, it turned into a "love hate, hate, love" situation. He said he saw Quintanilla shoot at his daughter first before she shot.  He said he didn't tell police initially that he too had shot the victim because he was scared.

On Wednesday, the defense plans to present one more witness, a local psychiatrist. The case could go to the jury as early as Wednesday afternoon.


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