Del Mar College Students Learn About Turtle Safety

Some Del Mar College students learning what to look out for when they head to the beach.

Dr. Donna Shaver, the chief of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery with the National Park Service, spoke to students at Del Mar College's East Campus on Friday. She warned students of the danger humans are to the fragile turtle environment.

Five sea turtle species make the Texas coast their own, but the Kemp's Ridley is by far the most frequent nester.

Shaver said we need to continue conservation, education and community involvement because they are the key elements to help recover the magnificent species, so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.

"It's going to be a long time before you can take them off the endangered species list," student Tony Hartwelo said. "But considering the other four types of turtles that she listed also, everybody was more concentrated on the Kemps than the others."

"It made me a lot more aware. A lot more concerned that they are on the endangered species list," student Alex Hrna said. "They are declining. We need to be more concerned about all species, and not just our own."

Shaver said it's very important to speak to the younger minds because they are the next generation to take care of the turtles.


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