Disturbing Calallen Fight Club Videos Found Online

It is being referred to as a Calallen Fight Club. Videos posted online appear to show Calallen High School students violently fighting and beating each other up.

There are some 11 videos online, ranging from as far back as two years ago to as recently as one month ago.

This Fight Club did not remain tight lipped. Instead, the students posted the videos online on Youtube for the world to see.

There are no helmets, or boxing gloves, or any protective gear. Instead, the videos show just two young men at a time going at each other. The fights are filled with body slams, body blows, punches to the head, kicks to the groin, headlocks, you name it. There are lots of onlookers, all egging the fighters on, telling them to continue fighting, all while the fights were being recorded on cell phones.

The young men are heard swearing and cursing at each other. The videos of the so-called Calallen Fight Club are all posted by the same user, someone called Smoe361.

Needless to say, Calallen residents were troubled by the footage they were shown, and expressed their concerns.

"It is terrible," said a Calallen resident. "It really is, and I just think they're not getting the proper supervision or discipline, or even religious training in the home anymore. It's just whatever they're allowed to do."

"Boys have always been boys, but then there's just no respect for authority of any kind any more, or even each other," another resident said.

"They're not having fun, they're hurting each other, you know, and it's wrong," said another resident of Calallen. "No matter how you look at it, it is wrong, and kids nowadays are growing up with no discipline from their parents."

"Next thing you know, they'll be knifing each other. That's just fighting. The next thing you know they'll all be pulling out guns and knives and shooting each other. Yeah, it needs to be stopped."

Calallen Independent School District officials said they were not aware of the videos, but that they do not condone these kinds of activities.

One local education expert said those videos fall into the category of cyber bullying, when there's an imbalance of power and one student is glamorized and the other is humiliated.

"When students are being victimized and they're not looked at in a positive light, and it's there in cyber land for all eternity, and it's being played over and over and over again, that could really take a toll on a student," said Veronica Trevino of the education service center. "Plus, when those types of things happen outside of school, they bring those hurts and feelings into the school."

Trevino said things that happen outside of school do have an impact on what happens in the school, and she calls the fight club videos a public health issue. She added that, even when these things happen outside of school, school districts do have the right to intervene under certain circumstances.

So could the people in the videos be facing any charges? Well that all depends, according to Corpus Christi Police Department.

A lot of it boils down to where the fights took place. Some of the fights appear to be taking place in backyards, while some of the other fights appear to be taking place at Hazel Bazemore Park.

According to police, when a fight is on private property, they rely on the person who owns the property to report the crime. However, if it's on public property, then that becomes disorderly conduct.

"We're really concerned about the violence of it," said Officer Kirk Stowers of the CCPD. "We don't want anyone to be desensitized, you know. If someone thinks that's normal behavior, then that's not something that we value. We're interested in the safety of everyone."

Police encourage those who see any activity like this to report it to police, and also encourage anyone who has been hurt by these fights to come forward and file a complaint.


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