Duval County Authorities Seize Illegal Game Room Proceeds

The Duval County Sheriff's Department seized close to $50,000 on Thursday, which they say are proceeds from three 8-liner game room establishments in San Diego.

A sergeant with the Sheriff's Department made a traffic stop on a pickup truck just outside of the city limits at around 1:35 a.m. After searching the truck, and interviewing the five people inside the truck, investigators said they found the money, which they said are proceeds from illegal gambling establishments.

"We have seized the currency. We do plan to meet with the DA to file forfeiture proceedings," Duval County Sheriff Romeo Ramirez said. "We'll also be meeting with the DA to determine when we want to make the arrests, if we're going to make the arrests immediately for engaging in organized crime, since this was at least five participants in the vehicle where the currency was contained."

Ramirez said the more than $49,000 they seized was found in two tote bags inside the Ford pickup. Investigators also found a money counter in the truck. The sheriff said the cash is from three game rooms connected to the same owner.

Following the seizure, those three game rooms closed for the day. However, the sheriff said there are three other game rooms in the city.

Ramirez said that if he has reason to believe cash payouts are occurring at the game rooms, his department will conduct investigations, obtain probable cause and come in with a search warrant. They will then seize the money and machines, and shut the place down.

He also said there will be no second warning, and that if you are paying out cash, you are violating the law, and it would be wise to go ahead and voluntarily shut down or he will be coming in and shutting you down.


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