Duval County Inmate Escapes from Problem Area of Jail

An inmate at the Duval County Jail managed to escape and make a run for it Wednesday morning.

The inmate was captured within five minutes, but the very fact that he was briefly successful has the Duval County Sheriff's Department concerned.

The Sheriff's Department said this is not the first time that an inmate has escaped from the jail, and every time it happens, it is from the very same area of the facility.

The area of concern is outside in the recreational area where inmates exercise. There is one particular corner that is not visible to the officer that is supposed to be keeping an eye on the inmates; but because of the way the exercise area was constructed, the corner with a water fountain was designed at an angle that the picket officer can not see through the glass of her observation area.

That has proven to be a problem, with some four inmates that have escaped the jail from that area since it was built in 2000; and that is what happened again Wednesday morning.

"So basically this guy, he, you know, he climbed on top of that fountain, water fountain, right," Duval County Sheriff Romeo Ramirez said. "Got himself into this little corner here, away from the visibility of the correctional officer who's in the picket area, and then he maneuvered his way up through the wall, and eventually through that razor wire."

The man who escaped is 32-year old Santos Montoya. The Sheriff's Department said Montoya is from Honduras, and committed a burglary in Duval County 34 days ago. They also said Montoya did suffer some injuries as a result of climbing through the razor wire, and was taken to Christus Spohn in Alice to be looked at.

The correctional officer who was on duty Wednesday morning did resign late in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the sheriff remains concern about that corner area, and that it is out of view of the picket area. He does not understand why it was designed like that, and says the issue will have to be brought before the County Commissioners in order to be fixed.


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